How Our Ice Cream is Shipped in the Mail

Perry's Ice Cream Delivered to Your Doorstep

Perry’s Ice Cream may be a regional brand but that doesn’t mean we’d keep a (really) good thing to ourselves. Whether you’re an expat who longs for the delicious taste of Perry’s, wants to send a sweet gift, or craves scoop shop exclusive flavors year-round (more on that below), Perry’s Ice cream can be shipped anywhere in the contiguous US.   

One of the most common questions we get asked about shipping ice cream in the mail is, “Won’t it melt?” After all, ice cream does require a few more shipping logistics than say, a shirt from your favorite clothing brand. To ensure your ice cream arrives frozen and ready to eat, we take important steps when shipping Perry’s to your door.  

How Ice Cream is Shipped

First, and most importantly, it starts with packaging. Our ice cream is shipped in a biodegradable and compostable KodiaKooler with dry ice so that your ice cream arrives just as creamy and delicious as it would be if you bought it from the grocery store.  

Next, it’s all about timing. Working with our reliable shipping partners who are equipped to handle frozen products, we make sure your ice cream arrives within 2 days to prevent melting.  

All of our ice cream is shipped once a week on Tuesday, which means your ice cream should arrive Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your shipping selection and location. Upon ordering, you’ll receive tracking information from our shipper. It’s important that someone is available to retrieve your order within 2 hours of delivery, especially in the summer months to prevent melting.  

Why is it more expensive to ship ice cream vs buying it at the store?  

You’ll notice prices online are higher than the prices you see in the grocery store. Special insulated and protective packaging, handling, and dry ice all contribute to the price you see online. 

Get your favorites delivered to your door (including scoop shop exclusives!) 

Most of our ice cream flavors are available for home delivery—including scoop shop exclusives! That’s right, if you have a summertime favorite that you miss during the cooler months, make room in your freezer for our 3 gallon tubs! Tubs are also ideal if you’re hosting a larger gathering. Your favorite family size flavors, pints and novelties are all available for delivery, too!  

We take great care in ensuring everything arrives frozen and ready to eat. Should you have any issues, our customer service team is here to make it right.  

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